Canterbury Museum


Sustainabililty and Responsible Tourism Charter

Canterbury Museum is a sustainability champion within the museum sector and this is central to the way in which we operate. We are committed to contributing to responsible tourism and to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of New Zealand.  Working sustainably is a way of thinking for all our staff and underpins everything we do.

Canterbury Museum has been established for approaching 150 years and exists to protect and make accessible its wealth of collections

  • We will acknowledge the legacy of previous generations in the development of the Museum and its collections. We will ensure the collection is cared for safely and is accessible to current and future generations and have a clear long term purpose.
  • We will ensure that sustainability principles are a prime driver of the Museum’s development project and that any new build is energy efficient.
  • We will contribute to the emerging international re-assessment of environmental conditions required for the long term preservation of collections and implement where possible.

Our management team will ensure principles of sustainability are woven into every aspect of the Museum’s work.

  • We will work with external agencies to ensure best practice in the management of our resources and ensure staff have an understanding of the environmental factors that affect us.
  • We will continue to develop staff’s awareness of sustainability practices and encourage the recycling of used materials, passing as many re-usable items as possible to other museums.
  • We will contribute responsibly to the social, cultural and economic vitality of the local area and ensure materials and supplies for all activities are sourced from local sustainable suppliers where possible.
  • We will use Key Performance Indicators to monitor and measure our sustainable practices.

We will ensure we are a sustainable tourist attraction and inform and educate our visitors about the Canterbury environment

  • We will provide enjoyable experiences for our visitors and provide information about our history and our local environment through our displays, our public programmes and our research.
  • We will use our collections for research, and make them available to scientists and other researchers for measuring and assessing climate change and the impact on flora and fauna, and for recording the changing lifestyle of New Zealanders.
  • We will join with other museums and like minded organisations where a partnership or Memorandum of Understanding is the best way of meeting each organisation’s long term objectives.

Members of the public and staff are invited to make comments or submit ideas about how the Museum can improve its commitment to sustainability. Please address comments and ideas to

January 2014