Canterbury Museum

Join the 2010 Canterbury Time Capsule Project

Posted: 3 February 2011

In the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes, a group of volunteers are gathering responses from people all over Canterbury as a record for future generations of our experiences and our hopes for the future. These responses make up The Canterbury Time Capsule 2010, which is open for submissions in any form - letters, poems, songs, drawings.

The Canterbury Time Capsule 2010 will be sealed on the 4th of September 2011 and will be opened again in 2060 as part of a celebration of how far Canterbury has come.
Visitors to Canterbury Museum are invited to write about their experiences of the earthquake and the many aftershocks. What impact has it had on them personally, their families and their work life? What was it like for them to come into an Earthquake-zone (for any people who were not here during the Sep 4th quake)? What are their hopes for the people of Canterbury and the world 50 years from now?
Join dignitaries such as the Rt Hon Prime Minister John Key, Mayors Bob Parker and Kelvin Coe, Sam Johnson, Dr Mark Quigley, the very Rev Peter Beck and numerous Christchurch City Councillors in preserving history.
Visitors may collect an 'acid free' letter template from the earthquake display to write their story then 'post' their letter into the Time Capsule 'chimney' on Level 3 of the Museum, or alternatively email them to