Canterbury Museum

Update from Museum Director

Posted: 11 May 2011

Although the Museum is still closed to the public, staff have been making excellent progress on a number of earthquake recovery projects.

The number of damaged collection items on display is very small indeed with fewer than 50 objects damaged in the Level 1 galleries. Of course, many more objects and display elements were displaced by the movement of the earthquake and a team of staff are working to re-establish the exhibits.

As well as gallery recovery work, great progress has been made on a number of
projects ranging from the Education team starting delivery of outreach programmes in local schools to curators working on research projects and acquisition backlogs.

Structural Engineers from Holmes Consulting and our stonemasons have started work on more detailed structural integrity checks of the Museum building. A few more loose stones have also been removed (to safe storage) from the barricaded 19th Century parapets.

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