18. 108 Heroes of Los Angeles

18. Chris Horishiki Brand 2 500x500

This is the sixth hero to be completed in the story of 108 Heroes of Los Angeles. This is the depiction of the strategist of the gang of 108 Heroes, known as “Clever.” He’s a college professor and a community rights activist secretly working against political corruption and known for helping those in need. He is shown here at his introduction to the story, sitting quietly on his porch with a book and his cat, his moment of peace and quiet being rudely interrupted by a fistfight on the street in front of his house. He soon takes pause to watch the two fight. Police Inspector Wing and a cholo named Diablo duke it out, blow for blow, kick for kick, neither winning or losing. After some time he intervenes, with his great ability for diplomacy, and convinces the two that their skills are so evenly matched that there is no point continuing. One by one, as the story progresses, the three of these men eventually end up working together as high-ranking members of the 108 Heroes.

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