4. Chris Horishiki Brand and Drew Flores

4. Chris Brand and Drew Flores 500x500

This piece shows the seventh and the eighth heroes to be completed in the story 108 Heroes of Los Angeles. This piece was completed in collaboration with the artist Drew Flores and myself. While in the process of creating the depiction of Tornado on Drew’s back, he showed serious interest in the 108 Heroes project and the process I was using in retelling these stories. His potential for learning grew exponentially as we got to know each other.

It was not long before he was ready to join in on the project and collaborate together on a piece of storytelling. We chose this depiction of Malotigre fighting with Decalote, with the intention that each of us could complete a hero on our own, but in the same image. Drew completed Decalote, the gang boss at the top, and I did Malotigre, the traveling dope dealer, at the bottom. Since the completion of this collaboration, Drew has now joined me in the 108 Heroes project, and has gone on to complete four more heroes.

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