32. Chris Horishiki Brand - Dog Fight

32. Chris Brand Dogfight 500x500

This piece shows the third and the fourth heroes to be completed in the story 108 Heroes of Los Angeles. Shown here are the two heroes – Padre and the Peacock – sparring together in the street. Padre, like many heroes in the story, is a fugitive on the run from the law. He’s a powerful and honorable man, although his rough personality and fondness for drinking often make him unaware of his strength. It is because of this, that he accidentally killed a butcher that had been abusing a woman. It only took three punches to kill the man.

Shortly after this incident, he skipped town, shaved his head and beard, and disguised himself as a priest. The Peacock is a wealthy young man who is a champion boxer. He is known throughout the city for help in the community, and for flaunting his peacock tattoos, and cruising in his beautiful low-rider. Eventually he is implicated in a crime he had nothing to do with, and is forced to join with the 108 Heroes. Both go on to become high-ranking leaders.

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