38. Chris Horishiki Brand

38. chris brand golden pheniox500x500

This piece is a prime example of a very dedicated individual. It was because of this dedication that we were able to complete such a large amount of work in a relatively short time. He had set goals for himself and had budgeted himself appropriately for these goals. I always try to encourage people to take this kind of approach to getting large-scale work. We would sit for two-hour sessions every week until a portion was complete.

First we did the koi sleeve, then a small break for a week or two, then we moved over to the dragon and did the same two-hour sessions once a week until it was complete. After another short break, we started the phoenix on his front. This time we took a slightly different approach and split our time, also working on his back. We would do the same two-hour sessions every week, but switching front to back every few weeks or so. This approach, combined with keeping our sessions to only two-hours each, helped him deal with the considerable pain involved in varying areas of the torso, and still complete so much work in a very short amount of time.

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