41. Horiyuki

41. Jill Horiyuki Halpin 500x500

My name is Horiyuki. I have been tattooing for eighteen years and work at State of Grace. The image you are looking at is a back-piece tattoo of the god Fudo Myo-o. In Horitomo’s book, Immoveable, he describes Fudo Myo-o as an angry manifestation of the principal icon of esoteric Buddhism, Dainichi Nyorai. Dainichi Nyorai assumes this frightful form to teach and lead the most obstinate nonbelievers to salvation. In this depiction of Fudo Myo-o, he holds the sword Eto in his right hand. In his left, Kensegu, the rope of five colors representing the five wisdoms and five elements of the universe. His facial expression is wrathful, and he wears the garb fitting of a Buddhist deity: robes adorned with gold jewelry. His hairstyle is typical. The long lock gathered to the left side of his face is known as benpatsu. He sits on a natural rock pedestal, called a niwasa. Finally, his body is engulfed in a flame, and embodies the silhouette of a magical bird called karura. The client’s profession is that of a firefighter. Perhaps that is what attracted him to this image.

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