24. Takahiro Kitamura on Brian Kaneko

24. Brian Kaneko 500x500

My name is Takahiro Kitamura, I’m the curator of this exhibition, Perseverance, and what we have here is a piece by Brian Kaneko of True Nature Tattoo, it’s Oniwakamaru killing a koi fish – not to be confused with Kintarō, the red baby, fighting with the koi fish. Oniwakamaru is actually the childhood name of the samurai Musashibo Benkei. And Brian’s done an amazing job here, this is just beautiful, and everything about it – the layout, the coloring, the placement – I mean, this is a flawless tattoo. And it shows very heavily his affiliation with the Horitoshi family, and the instruction he gets from them, and it’s just a wonderfully executed tattoo.

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