35. Takahiro Kitamura on Chris O’Donnell

35. Chris ODonnell 500x500

My name is Takahiro Kitamura, and I’m the curator of this exhibition, Perseverance. And what we have here is a samurai killing a nue, by Chris O’Donnell. A nue is a mythological composite animal – a monster, if you will – in Japanese mythology, and as the story goes, the samurai Minamoto no Yorimasa actually shoots the nue down with an arrow. And then Ino Hayata, as shown here in the tattoo, jumps in and actually kills the nue. This is just a great tattoo by Chris O’Donnell, you can see why he’s one of my favorite tattooers. Everything he does is just gorgeous, and this is a great example of an American doing very, very nice Japanese work.

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