19. Takahiro Kitamura on Henning Jorgensen

19. Henning Jorgensen 500x500

My name is Takahiro Kitamura, I’m the curator of Perseverance. When I first invited Henning Jorgensen into this exhibition, I really hoped he’d be able to participate; however I wasn’t sure that he’d be able to get one of his clients to come out. Having body suits and back pieces was no problem—Henning has been doing Japanese tattoos for decades—but he lives in Denmark, and all our shoots were in the United States and Japan. Well, here is Henrik, who is I think definitely the client of the year. He showed up at the Los Angeles shoot—not the New York shoot like we thought. But I guess due to work he couldn’t meet that date, so he flew to L.A., took the photo, and then immediately had his little suitcase and went right back to the airport to fly back. That shows a level of dedication that I think is hard to see in other fields. I think there’s definitely a loyalty and a support for his artist and a sense of gratitude and teamwork. I think that’s a beautiful thing, and we’re very glad to have him in here.

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