11. Takahiro Kitamura on Horitomo

10. Horitomo Dojoji 500x500

My name is Takahiro Kitamura, curator of Perseverance, and here’s a beautiful tattoo by Horitomo. It depicts the story of a young girl at Dōjō-ji temple who falls in love with a monk. The monk rejects her advances and in a jealous rage she turns into a snake, and as he hides from her in a bell, she wraps around the bell and burns him to death. Later on, in the Noh theater and Kabuki theater world, this story was told and retold, and she was given the name Kiyohime. So, this is a very beautiful back piece, very striking, and it’s indicative of all of Horitomo’s work. It’s elegant, but strong. He’s a true master of the Japanese tattoo.

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