Tailed forest spiders

Friday 03 March 2017

Four specimens of the tailed forest spider (Arachnura feredayi) have recently been added to the collection.

There are several interesting things associated with these spiders. The female has very unique morphology in the form of a tail. The purpose of this tail is unknown, however, they are able to wiggle it (maybe they just enjoy dancing!).

Eggsacs produced by the female are intriguing, as they use forest detritus to create them and they are suspended in the centre of the mother’s orbweb. The males are less than 1 mm in size and are seldom seen or found. For this reason the acquisition of these specimens is great as two of the spiders are males, which have not been formally described. Not a lot is known about species in the genus Arachnura, which are found throughout most of the world. As a result the specimens are really important and will contribute to research on the tailed forest spider group.

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