Showing off shoes

Thursday 08 November 2018

As hemlines rose in the 1920s so did the need for more shoes. Since their feet could now been seen more easily, fashionable women looked for shoes which would match their outfits.

It also became increasingly common to buy ready-made shoes and these two nearly identical pairs of shoes illustrate that point nicely.

White satin pumps

Canterbury Museum EC172.451

Emerald green satin pumps

Canterbury Museum EC68.258

Identical in design, both pairs of satin pumps have low Cuban heels and leather soles. This type of heel was quite popular in the mid-1920s. The front of each shoe is decorated with a beaded buckle featuring the same geometric design. The green pair was most likely dyed to match what must have been a very elegant evening dress. The other pair was left white and worn as wedding shoes.

Joanna Sczepanski with green cuban heeled women's shoes

Joanna Szczepanski, Associate Curator Human History, is one of the many staff members who help care for the Museum’s vast textile collection.

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