Arctic Voices - Amazing Adaptations

Discover the unique physical and behavioural adaptations that allow Arctic animals to survive in some of the most extreme conditions on earth.

Learning Areas and Strands

Duration: New Entrant – Year 3: 1 Hour

                 Year 4 – 10: 1.5 hours      

Suitable for: NE – Year 10, maximum 30 students

Availability: 22 July – 1 November

Cost: Free, koha appreciated

The Education Programme

Guided by our educators, your students will:

  • Explore the Arctic Voices exhibition

  • Learn how adaptations are connected to an animal’s environment

  • Understand how a changing environment can endanger animals by making them less well adapted to their home.

  • Invent a new species adapted to live in an Arctic ecosystem and explain how each adaptation contributes to its survival in this environment. (Year 4 – 10)

Download our post-visit activity here

Down a copy of our RAM document here

Education Enquiry   Check Availability

Education Enquiry   Check Availability

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