Sunlight - Solar Energy

Discover how the Sun is the primary source of energy on Earth.

Sunlight – Ihi Kōmaru, developed at Te Manawa, explores the Sun, the physical properties of light and the effect on people’s lives.

Key Learning Areas: Technology; Nature of Science – Investigating and Communicating in science; Science – Physical World; Mathematics

Duration: 1.5 hours

Suitable for: Year 5 – 10, maximum 30 students

Availability: 3 April – 6 July

Cost: Free, koha appreciated

The Education Programme

Guided by our educators, your students will:

  • experience the Sunlight – Ihi Kōmaru exhibition

  • discuss how the Sun is used to power a variety of technologies

  • construct a vehicle to investigate the effect of mass and friction

  • make recommendations on how these ideas will influence the design of a solar powered vehicle. 

Programme Information

Download a copy of our RAM document here

Education Enquiry   Check Availability

Education Enquiry   Check Availability

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