Service Changes

The Museum is about to get started on a major redevelopment at our Rolleston Avenue site.

From September 2022, we have been moving the collection and all staff to secure offsite storage and offices. This is a huge job that will see staff pack up and move 2.3 million taonga (treasures) over an eight-month period.

The redevelopment is a very exciting project for us, but it's also a complex and daunting one. Just about everyone in the Museum will be dedicated to the task of packing and moving the collections and exhibits. This means that we won't be able to offer our usual range of services, as outlined below:

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Collections Access

There may be some delays in responding to requests received through or our Contact Us page. Your request will be acknowledged and a member of the team will respond as soon as possible. If we need to physically access the collection to answer your enquiry, we will not be able to do this until May 2023.

Image Service

Our image service will not be available until May 2023. After this, there may still be some limitations on the service we can offer as the collection may not be as immediately accessible.

Loan Requests

We are not able to meet loan requests until May 2023. After this, there may still be limitations on what we are able to loan out as the collection may not be as immediately accessible.

Taonga Māori Access

We will not be able to provide access to taonga or loans until May 2023. After this there may still be limitations as some of the collection may not be as immediately accessible. The Museum will continue to assess found taonga Māori (taonga tūturu). See our website here for more details of what to do if you find taonga tūturu.

Object Donations

We won't be able to accept in-person donations at the Museum from October 2022. Instead, please email our curators on with a picture of the item/s and any related information.

Research Access

In-person research access to the collection will be unavailable during the move period from September 2022 until May 2023 and will be somewhat limited until we reopen the new Museum. Once we’ve completed the move to temporary premises next we’ll advise how we will support researchers via our website.

Loaned Items

Access to items that have been loaned to the Museum is now limited until May 2023. We will take very good care of these taonga during the move to our temporary premises.

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Other Services
Museum Explorer Club

Discovery is likely to close from mid-October – but it will return, refreshed, bigger and better than ever in the new Museum. Over the next while we’ll be looking at how we can keep the Museum Explorer Club going – for example, through events and online and at a pop-up temporary Museum, opening mid-2023 in the central city.


We’ll continue to offer lessons in Term 3. In Term 4, we’ll only be able to accept own-time bookings. We might have to change or cancel bookings and some galleries might not be accessible for your visit. We will update you on our teaching programme for next year as soon as we can confirm lessons and venues. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our educators at