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Air New Zealand 75 Years

Our nation. The World. Connected

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Museum.

Come on a journey through the decades with our national airline and discover the stories of Canterbury’s pioneering aviators.

Travel back to the days of pioneering flights and the daring aviators who opened up the country, bringing New Zealand to New Zealanders and New Zealand to the world, connecting people and places.

Experience the romance and glamour of flying through the stories of airline staff and customers. Explore Air New Zealand’s 75 years of growth and innovation. Wander through a replica Solent flying boat and DC-8 cabins. Transport yourself into the future of flying with a virtual reality inflight experience.

The journey starts with snapshots over time of Air New Zealand’s uniform designs and traveller and crew stories. It then moves into a journey through early aircraft and flight. From there you’re taken through the glamour and experience of the TEAL flying boat experience and to the domestic story of opening up the country and this tales behind the pioneering days on flight in Canterbury.

A 75-year timeline tells the intertwining stories of the nation’s airline with that of the nation. The airline has adapted, innovated and evolved to serve the time, developing technology and meeting consumer demands. Air New Zealand and tourism have developed hand in hand. The airline’s growth has depended a lot on the promotion of New Zealand as a tourist destination. See some of the classic posters used to promote New Zealand as an idyllic visitor destination.

Throughout the journey, written text is extended through digital interactions, games and other in-gallery activities. It’s a hands on, sensory-rich experience. There’s even a virtual experience of the future of flying.

Fashion lovers will recognise the story of New Zealand fashion reflected in the trends of the uniforms worn by the airline's staff. Look out for early military styles, the elegant days of 1960s Dior and vibrant patterns from the 1970s. #AirNZ75

Banner image: The DC-8's arrival at Christchurch Airport drew a crowd of eager planespotters out to see the aircraft for themselves.  Credit: Air New Zealand Archive

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Museum.
17 September 2016 – 30 April 2017
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