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Postcards to Antarctica

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Museum.

Guy Frederick explores the ways in which Antarctica leaves its mark on the people who work there. Scott Base staff and scientists share their personal reflections in a series of postcards written to the icy continent. Accompanied by photographs and film, the exhibition transports visitors to day-to-day life at Scott Base and celebrates Antarctica’s significance for science and humanity.

Postcard to AntarcticaGuy Frederick visited Antarctica in December 2016 on Antarctica New Zealand’s Community Engagement Programme. Building on his Masters in Science Communication research that explored how the experience of working in Antarctica impacted and shaped scientists and their science, Postcards to Antarctica extends this with others who call Scott Base home on a temporary or seasonal basis.

Postcards to Antarctica explores a common theme in Frederick’s work, the relationships between people and place. These connections are becoming increasingly fragile in our climate-changing world as places like Antarctica undergo massive shifts.

Guy Frederick has worked as a photo-journalist for national magazines including North & South, The Listener, New Zealand Geographic, New Zealand Life & Leisure for 15 years. In 2012, he received the New Zealand Mental Health Media Grant and was awarded an Australasian Mental Health Service award for the photo-journalist project The Space Between Words. The project explored the mental health impacts of the Christchurch earthquakes and shared personal stories through photographs and words in several exhibitions, including a 7 month residency at the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington.

Supported by Antarctica New Zealand

All Images: © Guy Frederick, All Rights Reserved 

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Museum.
11 August – 5 November 2017
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