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SCAPE Public Art 2017

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Museum.

Canterbury Museum hosts works by Wayne Barrar and Nina Oberg Humphries as part of the SCAPE Public Art 2017 Season: Time in Space (Territories and Flow), curated by Heather Galbraith.

In/Visible Landscape: Photographs by Wayne Barrar
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Diatoms arranged in an exhibition slide by German experter arranger Johann Möller c1880

Diatoms, fossil remains of tiny algae, feature in Christchurch-born artist Wayne Barrar’s work In/Visible Landscape. Barrar photographed Victorian glass slides of diatoms through a microscope exposing detailed forms and patterns not normally visible to the naked eye. Barrar’s work is featured inside and outside the Museum and on seven billboards in Hagley Park. It is  complemented by a display from the Museum’s collection revealing the secrets of these tiny but world famous fossils.

Sponsored by Anderson Lloyd

'ARE PASIFIKA (House Pasifika) 2017 by Nina Oberg Humphries

Christchurch based artist Nina Oberg Humphries draws upon her Cook Islands and New Zealand heritage to create works of art that explore the themes of identity and belonging.  Her installation combines Fijian, Tongan, Sāmoan and Cook Islands material from the Museum’s collection with contemporary objects from her studio. Alongside items that adorn, fan, groom, clothe and tattoo the body, there also sit objects of ceremony, hunting and warfare.

Oberg Humphries explains that in bring these collections together she “seeks to emphasise the changing face of Pacific peoples living in Aotearoa New Zealand, creating a physical genealogy of our people’s spiritual and ancestral ties, bringing past to present activating the Vā.” In its broadest sense, Vā is a Sāmoan concept of the space between – not an empty space, but one charged with multiple relationships between the past and the present, the spiritual and the secular.

As part of the SCAPE Public Art 2017 programme, Oberg Humphries is holding workshops, events and gatherings that celebrate Pacific Island art, in all its forms and practices.

To find out more about the SCAPE Public Art 2017 Season go here

This exhibition is no longer on display at the Museum.
7 October – 18 November 2017
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