Planning an Education Visit

We are working on an exciting teaching programme, including how to book a programme, for 2023 and will provide details as soon as we can. 

For the first half of the year at least, Museum education will be on the road bringing our rich hands-on programmes to your school.

All programmes delivered at Canterbury Museum are able to weave together learning areas, key competencies and inquiry-based learning to provide authentic experiences for students.

Learning experiences are targeted and tailored to meet students’ learning outcomes and aim to enrich and enhance knowledge, skills, values and attitudes while complementing classroom learning at the appropriate level.


To make the visit enjoyable, worthwhile and stress free, please book self-guided visits in advance. Please let us know the arrival time and the length of your visit. It is important you keep to your booking times and booked gallery spaces as early or late arrival can affect the quality of your visit and the visits of other booked groups.

Education Enquiry

Early Childhood

For pre-school groups, we recommend independent exploration of Canterbury Museum.

Please book your visit online below.

Booking Enquiry

Meet and greet

If the weather is fine, please wait outside the Museum, clear of the entrance, while the group leader checks in at the Information Desk.

If the weather is cold or wet, please wait quietly in the foyer, clear of public thoroughfares.

A Museum staff member will greet you and give your group a health and safety briefing on what to do if there is an emergency.

How much does it cost?

Most education programmes are provided free of charge, however a koha is appreciated, typically $2.00 person. If the programme involves visiting Quake City, Riccarton House or Riccarton Bush, there is a $2.00 cost for each visitor.

We are currently unable to take payments on the day of your arrival. Please contact us if you need an invoice sent to your school/organisation. Please ensure that one payment is made for a group, rather than individual payments.


Canterbury Museum has limited storage space so please do not bring bags unless it is absolutely necessary. If you do have bags, please notify the staff at the Information Desk on arrival and they will provide an area in which the bags can be stored until your departure.


Photography is permitted throughout the Museum. See more on our filming and photography policy here

Morning tea and lunch breaks

Food and drink cannot be taken into the Museum gallery spaces. Unfortunately there is no area in the Museum where groups can eat their own food. Only food and drink purchased from the Museum Cafe may be consumed there.