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Whakaaturanga Tuihono Online exhibitions 

Fred Myrtle 1500

Pāua Shell House 

Explore Fred and Myrtle Flutey’s iconic Pāua Shell House. See the polished pāua shells, take in the glorious vintage carpet and revel in the retro glory of this South Island classic. The house will return in the new Museum. In the meantime enjoy a virtual tour of Fred and Myrtle's Pāua Shell House!

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Hauling stores up the beach at Cape Adare, February 1899 Canterbury Museum 1978.207.7. No known copyright holder

1978 207 7 Cape Adare 3000

Breaking the Ice: The First Year in Antarctica 

Before the world had heard of Scott and Shackleton, another explorer hatched a plan to spend a year in Antarctica. He was Carsten Borchgrevink, and his team proved it was possible for humans to survive the Antarctic winter.

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Osman the Great. Canterbury Museum 1975.289.400. No known copyright restrictions


Dogs in Antarctica: Tales from the Pack 

Meet the canine characters who helped Antarctic heroes like Scott and Shackleton explore the icy continent. From Kid the Courageous to Osman the Great, the dogs who pulled sledges and provided companionship on the great Antarctic expeditions all had tales of their own.

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