Records of the Canterbury Museum Volume 31 2017

Thursday 21 December 2017

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Matthew D Shaw, Joanna Z Szczepanski, Sarah F Murray, Simon Hodge and Cor J Vink, Ideas made glass: Blaschka glass models at Canterbury Museum. Download  Ideas-made-glass.pdf

Daniel C P Smith, J H Menzies: a reappraisal. Download J-H-Menzies-a-reappraisal.pdf

Marguerite L Hill, An artist's collection - a partial catalogue of Sydney Lough Thompson's collection at Canterbury Museum. Download An-artists-collection.pdf

Joanna Z Szczepanski and Francis Yapp, Music in honour of a First World War soldier; Life by Arthur Lilly. Download Life-by-Arthur-Lilly.pdf

Phillip R Moore and Michael Trotter, A re-assessment of the early Māori use of silicified tuff (palla) in the Canterbury region. Download  Early-Maori-use-of-silicified-tuff.pdf

Theresa L Cole and Jamie R Wood, Hybridisation in the last remaining individuals of the extinct Fiordland population of Brown Teal (Anas chlorotis). Download Brown-Teal-Hybridisation.pdf


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