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Dogs in Antarctica: Tales from the Pack

Meet the canine characters who helped Antarctic heroes like Scott and Shackleton explore the icy continent. From Kid the Courageous to Osman the Great, the dogs who pulled sledges and provided companionship on the great Antarctic expeditions all had tales of their own. 

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Canterbury and World War One: Lives Lost, Lives Changed

Explore the stories of Cantabrians who fought in World War One and those who stayed behind. Stories, historic photographs and images of notable objects relate the experiences of Cantabrians during the War. 18,000 New Zealand lives were lost during World War One and the lives of those who survived were changed forever by the conflict.

This online exhibition is representative of Canterbury and World War One: Lives Lost Lives Changed, a temporary exhibition at Canterbury Museum from 30 November 2017 to 11 November 2018.

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Watch: Adjustable Marriages: Relationships, Divorce and Bigamy on the Goldfields

Tue, 09 Apr 2019

The goldfields of Australia and New Zealand provided a chance for people to reinvent themselves, an opportunity that many women used to escape undesirable legal and social restrictions. In this talk, Julia Bradshaw, Canterbury Senior Curator Human History, explores how women on the goldfields navigated laws and customs that didn’t suit them.

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The Native Beetle that Squeaks when Scared

Mon, 25 Mar 2019

A close relative of the huhu beetle, New Zealand's squeaking longhorn beetle – which really does squeak – is found nowhere else in the world.

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Gabriel Alston’s Coat of Many Colours – “You Can Knit a Rainbow Too”

Mon, 25 Mar 2019

This vibrant coat was made by one of Christchurch's most colourful characters, former Playschool host Gabriel Alston.

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