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Curiously Annotated Creatures 

Great giant scale insect sexually dimorphic excretes honeydew common in beech forest
Meet the Natural History collection

Curiously Annotated Creatures 

By Rebecca Le Grice, Curator Natural History & Morgane Merien, Curatorial and Science Communicator

Animals can sometimes be misunderstood, especially the ones we deem to be a bit bizarre. In this collection of curiously annotated creatures, Curator Natural History Rebecca Le Grice draws inspiration from our Museum collection, illustrating some of these bewildering creatures. These illustrations are annotated in an unconventional way to reveal why these creatures look and act the way they do, in the process teaching us to look beyond the surface. 

Take a look, you might meet something you've never seen before!

Collection highlights 

Great giant scale insect
Orange Clingfish 1
Pink sea cucumber
Untitled design 15