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Paul Scofield 

Senior Curator Natural History

Paul Scofield

Paul began his career investigating the biology of living seabirds but is now primarily concerned with the study of Aotearoa New Zealand's prehistory and avian paleobiology. 

He has an extensive record of publishing and displaying the outcomes of such research. Through his role as Adjunct Professor at the University of Canterbury he teaches at a post-graduate level and has mentored three PhD and numerous MSc students. He has three major research programmes underway:

  • the relationships and origins of the Paleocene Waipara marine bird fauna of Canterbury in collaboration with Dr Vanesa De Pietri at University of Canterbury
  • the description and phylogenetic relations of the Miocene St Bathans Fauna of Otago, New Zealand in collaboration with Dr Vanesa De Pietri and Associate Professor Trevor Worthy at Adelaide’s Flinders University
  • the phylogenetic relationships of the Holocene birds of New Zealand using integration of molecular and morphological techniques.

In addition, he is collaborating in several projects concerning paleobiology of birds in Aotearoa New Zealand with researchers using molecular data to investigate various questions. 

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