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Funky Flies and their Stories 

Most people only know a few types of flies - the one that lives in your fruit bowl, the one that finds the open window and the ones that bite.

Canterbury Museum Natural History Curator Rebecca Le Grice takes you into the fascinating world of flies.

But this is a very narrow view of the fly community which deserves more appreciation. In the Canterbury Museum collections alone, there are balloon flies which can spin silk like a spider, flightless flies which get around on foot, and bat-winged flies which are like tiny solar panels living in the mountains.

Taking a trip around the world, you can encounter the world’s largest fly, which is the size of a small bird, or the smallest fly, which can comfortably sit on the head of a pin. Then there's the stalk-eyed fly which rivals any alien from science fiction.

The world of flies is extraordinarily diverse and the evolutionary journeys some species have been on is almost unbelievable.

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