Fur, Fangs and Feathers

A stampede of stuffed specimens has escaped our storerooms!

FF 211130 279 MediumMeet animals from all over the world in Fur, Fangs and Feathers.

The Museum’s menagerie includes big plant-eaters like a muskox and a zebra and terrifying carnivores like lions and polar bears.

There’s an adorable agouti and a vicious vulture; agile antelope and mischievous monkeys; a badger, a beaver, a baboon and a bison, and dozens more animals, many of which have never been on display in the Museum.

Learn about where these creatures live, what they eat and the conservation issues they face.

You can also school up on the techniques of taxidermy and learn about the valuable contributions these stuffed animals can still make to modern science and conservation.

So whether you swim, skip, soar or slither, join the herd and migrate to Fur, Fangs and Feathers this summer.

18 December 2021 – 27 March 2022
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